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Hard at Work: What You Can Expect from Business Champions

By Lisa Schumacher, Director, Education Strategies, McDonald’s Corporation

American employers are facing a serious shortage of qualified workers. There is an urgent and growing need for more employees with industry-recognized credentials and college degrees. How serious is this skills mismatch? Employers are struggling to find workers who are qualified to meet the demands of today’s jobs.

Fortune 500 Companies Are Committing to Education

By Pamela Tate, President and CEO, Council for Adult and Experiential Learning

College or vocational training is closely linked with higher incomes, increased consumer purchasing power and improved economic health. But too many working adults do not have access to these educational opportunities. This affects not only them, but their employers as well. In fact, last year 4 out of 10 employers reported difficulty filling open positions with skilled workers.

Six Steps to Improved Employee Engagement

“Engagement” refers to employee enthusiasm and performance and, by extension, employee productivity. This white paper explains how career paths and credential opportunities can boost employee engagement. Download the white paper.