Business Champions are committed to helping more companies build a next-generation American workforce.

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Nationally, it is estimated that 123 million skilled workers will be needed by 2020. Currently, only 50 million people possess the skills and credentials – for jobs like medical coding, welding, and many others – to meet these needs. We have a supply and demand problem right now in this country that is hurting businesses. There are millions of job openings but companies cannot find workers with the right college or vocational training to fill them. If businesses do not help fix this mismatch and link adults to learning and credential completion, we will lose our competitive edge.

For workers, college or vocational training is not only a must for most jobs, but it is closely linked with higher incomes, increased consumer purchasing power, and improved economic health.

  • Four out of ten U.S. employers report difficulty filling open positions.

  • The unemployment rate for non-college graduates is over 3x that of college graduates. 

  • By 2020, 65% of jobs will require some college education or above.


Our collaboration is unique. Business Champions are the leaders at top companies across the United States, representing a wide variety of sectors from agriculture to health care to retail. We are sharing which strategies work and identifying the real returns on investment in employee education. We are also working to promote meaningful policy changes at the state and federal level that will provide more workers access to the skills, training, and degrees they need to become employable and to advance on a career path to better paying jobs.


Business Champions is a proud partner of the UpSkill America network. UpSkill America is an employer-led movement to build a skilled workforce and expand economic opportunity for America’s frontline workers.

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Business Champions are committed to helping more businesses build a next-generation American workforce.

    • Girl on computer medium The Hidden Classroom of the Workplace - In recent report from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning entitled “The Hidden Classroom of the Workplace”, CAEL takes a look at how prior learning assessment (PLA)—the process of earning college credit for learning gained outside the classroom—can put employees on the fast track ...
    • College Credit -square small A Brief to the White House Summit on Community Colleges - As you are considering partnering with community colleges, check out this resource entitled “How to Create High-Impact Partnerships for Jobs & Economic Vitality in the U.S.” Realizing the full potential of our best workforce development tool, community colleges, is essential. Working together, leaders from community ...
    • image1 Executives from Top U.S. Companies Launch National Effort to Address Shortage of Skilled Workers -

      Executives from more than two dozen of the nation’s top corporations announced today the launch of a national effort to address the shortage of skilled workers. The first of its kind, Business Champions Supporting Credential Completion is a partnership of top U.S. companies leading an employer movement to help more working adults obtain industry-recognized credentials or college degrees to fulfill job demands.

      “We see education and credentialing as a valuable component of career development at PepsiCo," stated Erik Sossa, Vice President, Global Benefits and Wellness at Pepsico. "Talent sustainability and development is a key component of our Performance with Purpose mission.”


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